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 Uploading a picture Tutorial

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PostSubject: Uploading a picture Tutorial   Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:26 am

Hi Guys I am going to show you how to set a bind in CoD4
1. Open up your console by Pressing the ~ key under your ESC button
2. Type /Bind (Key) "say"
(key) is the key you want to bind note: do not add the () when you type it.

If you want to add colour to the text put ^ then a number next to each letter or word

CoD4 colour codes

Color codes:

^0 = black
^1 = red
^2 = green
^3 = yellow
^4 = blue
^5 = light blue
^6 = purple
^7 = white
^8 = Only When Playing as American = Dark Green
^8 = Only When Playing as Russian = Light Red
^8 = Only When Playing as British = Dark Blue
^8 = Only When Playing as German = Gray
^9 = grey

And there you go have fun
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Uploading a picture Tutorial
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