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Welcome to the eRa clan.
If you would like to join the clan put a Application. And read the Rules!

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 Member rules

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PostSubject: Member rules   Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:16 pm

Member rules are to be followed at all time
Rules are:
1:Do not start fights or fight back with any other clans at all if they start the fight xfire a leader or ignor them
2:Do not Hack if a leader see you hacking we will perm ban you from the sever and forums
3: if your keen to go up in ranks make a thread about it and leaders will get back to you always ask and if you dont get the rank then keep trying in the future
4:ranks may be handed out BUT you have to earn it
5:if you spawn camp we will kick you
6:respect other guest on the sever if they give you grief talk to admin or leader and they will be warned
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Member rules
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